I hid my magic for so long because my parents hated it. They were afraid of magic and never let me do it. How come it was that way for me? Every other person in our town had powers (including my parents) and practised magic.

The other kids at my school stayed away from me like I was a monster. Because I didn’t do magic and didn’t have any friends. How was I supposed to make friends if they wouldn’t even look my way? And I’m supposed to be the monster, right?

I looked at them as I sat there alone at my table and ate my lunch. It was pasta day — my favourite. I watched them show off their magic. I watched as they created different objects out of thin air without breaking a sweat. Abbey, the Queen B, who had all the other girls (and boys) hovering around her at the ‘cool kids’ table’, flicked her finger, and her uniform turned into the most beautiful prom dress.

My food immediately turned sour in my mouth.

It was a dark blue evening gown that complemented her chocolate-coloured skin and made her look like the princesses I see in those fairytale movies. The delicate silky fabric hugged her body and showed off all her curves. There were details of lace trimmings in the edges that flowed out of the dress and made a long train. Everyone oohed and aahed. Their phone camera lights flashed as they took photos of her. She twirled around in the dress, flipping her long black hair and waving at them like it was a beauty pageant. She was clearly enjoying all the attention.

I rolled my eyes. It’s not even that beautiful, I thought to myself.

But deep down, I wondered what I could create if I flicked my finger.

I haven’t done magic in 8 years. It’s forbidden in my house; because of that one incident in third grade where I set James’ hair on fire for refusing to dance with me at the annual school dance. His beautiful curly hair never recovered from that, sadly. Now he wears a baseball cap to cover the bald spot. He hasn’t looked at me since that day.

After that, everyone at school pretty much stopped talking to me. The closest thing I have to a friend is my cousin, Kate –-and even I know she only talks to me because we’re family and go to the same school.

Who wants her pity friendship anyway?

I looked over at Abbey and her posse again. Can lunchtime be over already? I rolled my eyes again and without thinking, flicked my finger.


I heard their laughter stop.

“Oh my god!” Abbey screamed.

The beautiful prom dress she was wearing, had turned to ashes leaving her standing there in the middle of the cafeteria in her underwear covered in the dust. Suddenly, the cafeteria hall filled with whispers and hushed voices. Everyone was staring at me. I could see the shock and fear in their eyes.

That was when I knew…

My parents weren’t afraid of magic, James and the other students didn’t hate me. They were afraid of me.

With this revelation, I knew I had finally gotten their attention. I slowly rose from my table. The other students were quivering in fear. A smile formed on my lips as I raised my fingers again

…and flicked.

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