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My best time to listen to podcasts is when I’m taking a shower. Usually, my thoughts are all over the place then. There’s no screen to stare at, no one to talk to, I obviously can’t work or read a book. So my mind wanders. …

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Monday, the 8th, was Women’s Day. A day many people spent appreciating the women in their lives, celebrating icons and the milestones women have achieved, highlighting the problems of gender bias that women all over the world still face, and challenging everyone to continue to fight until women are respected…

A letter to my 19-year-old self —

Dear me,

Look who’s turning 19!

I remember this day like it was yesterday. At 4 pm your friends are going to gather, and you’re all going to go to the bar. You know you shouldn’t be drinking, right? You still have a good 2 years before that should start…

We’re on a double-decker plane, similar to a cruise ship, but an aircraft. Different families, different people. We all settle in our rooms and the long flight begins. Over the course of the flight, the crew announces that we’re flying over the just discovered “Wonder of the World”– The Icy…

“Wake up!” she yelled. “Wake up! You can do this!”

“What..what’s going?” I asked, wondering who that was and why my sleep was being disturbed.

“The race is about to begin”.

“Okay,” I said, rolling my eyes and going back to bed.

“Just do it. You know you can”


Creatives are so-called because of the nature of what they specialize in. They are known for their artsy personality and how they often see things differently. What then turns this creativity into a business is when these artistic works become valuable to someone, and she/he is willing to pay for…

Cynthia Nwankwo-Orji

Content Strategist. Storyteller. Optimist!

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